Can the vacuum compression bag hold cotton wool


Place a cloth on the mouth of the compression bag to pr […]

Place a cloth on the mouth of the compression bag to prevent the cotton wool from sticking to the suction port, affecting the seal. Select the vacuum compression bag to see the material, PA+PE is good, environmentally friendly, toughness, and the zipper has workmanship, and printing. Craft, etc.
  1, look at the material
  At present, common vacuum compression bag materials are generally selected: PA+PE, PET+PE, MOPE, PVC, etc.
  Now the best material should be PA+PE. This material bag is more flexible and more durable, but because of the higher cost, domestic manufacturers rarely use this material. And even if some sellers say that it is PA+PE material, but the buyer's evaluation content knows that it is definitely not, this material has no taste, is not easy to break, can not print.

  The more common PET+PE is the high-strength composite film that is said online. The disadvantage is brittleness. For example, many people bought a compression bag and broke the hole when it was useless. how to use? PET is the material of the bottle above our household water dispenser. At present, most of the domestic sales are basically produced by this kind of material. There is no flexibility. We must not buy colored or printed materials, all of which are PET materials. Paint on the top is not environmentally friendly, not an export product. The high-coated nylon is elastic, and a stretched paint will crack after printing.

  The advantage of MOPE is that it is particularly soft and feels better than others, but the adhesion is not good, and there are more leaks. I believe that many people have had experience, so it is easy to pump the air, and it will swell again in one night.

  Needless to say, PVC is not environmentally friendly and smells.

  There are still a lot of bags, I can't say the material, and everyone can't understand.

  The material is good, the material of the sealing valve and the zipper is good or bad, and it will directly affect the compression effect and cause air leakage. There is also the work of the bag is also very important, the suppression of the bag side and so on can easily cause air leaks.

  Our compression bag is made of PA+PE material, seven layers of co-extruded nylon composite, and five layers of polyethylene co-extruded. 8.5 filaments on one side, generally 7 filaments. There is a bear print, but it is not on the surface. It is co-extruded to the middle layer. It is known to wipe it with gasoline, and it cannot be wiped off. The sealing zipper is imported from Japan. The double safety sealing effect is good. It can be kept for 1-3 years after compression. It can be used repeatedly for many years, as long as it is not scratched.

  Note: Do not buy MOPE or PVC, PVC is not environmentally friendly, MOPE's adhesion is not good, generally leaking more.

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