What are the common failures of the gravure printing equipment of the vacuum bag manufacturer? (2)


Failure of shaft-mounted version mechanism 1. Gearbox h […]

Failure of shaft-mounted version mechanism
1. Gearbox heats up
① It is necessary to check the lubricating oil in the gearbox in time. The lubricating oil can effectively maintain the lubrication of the transmission parts in the gearbox, and the cooling parts fail;
② When the gearbox heats up and the noise of the gearbox increases, there may be wear or damage to the transmission parts inside the gearbox, and it needs to be shut down for inspection in time;
③Check if there is ink or solvent flowing into the gear box from the cone pin of the gear box, causing damage to the bearing or other transmission parts.
2. Poor accuracy of horizontal color registration of plate axis
①The power side cone plugging structure is in the form of cylinder cone top. Whether the manual valve rotates is in the cylinder pushing out state. Whether the cone plug fits well with the plate cylinder, whether there is a slipping gap, check whether the cone plug and the plate cylinder fit together, whether there are scratches or heat;
②Whether the permanent magnet low-speed motor with automatic horizontal axis of the plate is working normally and whether there is any abnormal phenomenon;
The action can be checked by manual color registration, and at the same time, the color can be adjusted back to automatic after manual color registration to observe the change of color registration;
③Causes of printing plate or plate mounting accuracy.
Imprint mechanism failure
1. Poor ink transfer effect
① Imprinting force. Check whether the imprinting force of the test machine is consistent with the pressure value of the regulating valve. The output pressure of the cylinder corresponding to the value of the pressure gauge can be calculated by the cylinder bore. If they are inconsistent, check the pneumatic components, the main air pressure and whether there is mechanical resistance hindering factors;
②The quality of the impression cylinder is poor and the surface adheres to impurities. The cylinder should be replaced.
2. The problem of color registration accuracy
①The impression cylinder is a passive component, and the cylinder and the printing plate should be in a synchronized state in the pressing state. If it is not synchronized, it is necessary to check whether the rolling ② moving bearing rotates flexibly and whether it is stuck;
③Check whether the impression cylinder moves normally when starting printing;
④Check whether the impression cylinder and the printing plate cylinder fit well.
Scraper mechanism problem
When the scraping effect becomes worse, you can check and troubleshoot from the following aspects:
1. Confirm whether the screws, bolts, fixed handwheels, handles, and scraper clamps related to the scraper mechanism are all locked and tightened;
2 Check whether the screw, worm and worm gear pairs of the frequently operated parts such as the lifting, front and rear, and swing of the scraper are worn and whether there is a gap;
3. Whether there is any phenomenon that the transmission or rotating parts are stuck and the work is not flexible. Whether the sliding bearings, transmission parts, rotating parts, etc. have sufficient lubrication;
4. Check whether the scraper is working with or without ink. The ink acts as a lubricant between the doctor blade and the plate cylinder, but when the doctor blade is in rigid contact with the plate cylinder without ink, the doctor blade will have high friction, heat, and damage the plate cylinder;
5. Whether the scraper swings smoothly. Scraper swing is to transmit the swing power of the scraper through the output shaft under the gear box. This position is converted from circular motion to linear motion. This part is easy to be ignored, and special attention is needed to maintain the flexibility of this part. The equipment is used for a long time, and it is easy to cause mechanical resistance due to aging of grease or accumulation of dust.

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