What are the common failures of the gravure printing equipment of the vacuum bag manufacturer? (1)


Repairing the moving parts of printing equipment is dan […]

Repairing the moving parts of printing equipment is dangerous, and improper operation may cause serious accidents, including life safety. Therefore, the vacuum bag manufacturer must be familiar with the contents of the manual before troubleshooting to ensure correct operation. You must also be familiar with the driving machinery and all safety precautions when using it.
High failure rate of unwinder A/B reel connection
1. It is necessary to check whether the A/B reels are synchronized and whether the transmission components are effectively transmitted;
2. Measure the actual roll diameter and compare it with the system self-test to see if the roll diameter is consistent;
3. Whether the connecting position of the connecting arm and the winding machine is normal. Whether the radio eye and reflection photo eye are working normally and whether the detection position is correct;
4. Whether the movement of the connecting cutter and the pressing roller is smooth and consistent, whether there is a leading or lagging phenomenon, whether there is water vapor in the air pipe or the air pressure is too low, which affects the normal operation of the cylinder;
5. Whether the material roll appears slippery, which affects the electric eye detection (this problem will directly lead to large fluctuations in overall tension and poor color registration accuracy). When checking whether the roll is installed, the operating thimble on the power side and the operating side does not fix the roll tightly;
6. The surface of the collector ring is oxidized or the carbon brushes are severely worn, and the electrical signal output and input are weak, which affects the power-on action and feedback of the components. Corresponding treatment needs to be carried out, so that the component is energized, the contact is normal, and the maintenance needs to be powered off;
7. Adhesive tape is not sufficiently viscous and needs to be replaced.
Traction device failure
1. The traction of steel rollers is not synchronized
①Check whether the rubber roller is combined with the steel roller and whether the rubber layer of the rubber roller is aging;
②Whether the compression reaches the specified air pressure, and whether there is air leakage or obstruction in the air path;
③Whether the steel roller speed is synchronized with the equipment speed, and whether the transmission parts effectively transmit power.
④Click whether the encoder is working normally (the unsynchronized traction will directly affect the accuracy of the tension meter registration).
2. Poor cooling effect
①Whether the temperature of cooling water is maintained at 20~25℃, or 5~15℃ of cooling water is used;
②Whether the water volume meets the requirements and there is sufficient cooling water circulation;
③Whether scale is generated in the cooling roller due to long-term use, which blocks the inside of the cooling roller, a high-pressure cleaning pump can be used, and acidic solution can be used for high-pressure dissolution cleaning to keep a good cooling water pipe unblocked.


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