What are the common failures of the gravure printing equipment of the vacuum bag manufacturer? (3)


Ink pan lift failure The ink pan lifting is achieved by […]

Ink pan lift failure
The ink pan lifting is achieved by the worm gear pair and the gear bar to achieve the purpose of lifting and self-locking. Usually the failure of the lifting device is caused by insufficient lubrication, high lifting resistance, unsynchronized lifting of the power side and the operating side, etc. The flexibility of the transmission part can be maintained by lubricating or cleaning the dust and ink on the transmission part. The components must be installed at the same level at both ends.
Ink roller failure
1. Rotation failure of the inking roller. If the click is overheated, noisy, or the inking roller jitters (excluding the rubber quality problem of the inking roller, and the problem of the inking roller's own bounce), check and repair from the transmission parts.
2. The inking roller press failure. The press/release state of the ink roller depends on the movement of the cylinder, and the working height of the ink roller can be satisfied by adjusting the limit nut on the cylinder. If there is a problem with this component, check whether the air path is blocked and the air pressure meets the requirements. Whether the limit position is correct and whether the movable parts are flexible.
3. The inking roller speed is faulty. The transmission ratio in the ink roller mechanism is a fixed value. The speed of the speed is adjusted by the potentiometer. The control source of the potentiometer is the inverter, and the inverter controls the motor frequency to meet the required speed. You can understand the relevant electrical information, and check and repair according to the electrical manual.
Longitudinal correction mechanism failure
The longitudinal correction is driven by a permanent magnet low-speed motor, and the signal is transmitted to the encoder of the color register system, and mutual feedback is used to ensure the accuracy of the register. If the longitudinal color registration accuracy is poor (provided that it is not caused by the color registration system), the correction response is not flexible, you can check from the following aspects:
1. Check whether the color encoder is faulty;
2. Check whether the low-speed permanent magnet motor is faulty;
3. Check whether the film route is normal.

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