Use of vacuum compression bags


Due to its space-saving features, vacuum compression ba […]

Due to its space-saving features, vacuum compression bags bring convenience to life and are loved by friends. I will give you a detailed introduction on how to purchase and use vacuum compression bags.

   Use of vacuum compression bags
   Compressed bags are very common in our daily life, but we may still think that the compression bag is the vacuum bag of the previous kind of food, and we can't think of our clothes quilts can be kept like food. Moreover, the compression bags of clothes are more strict than our food vacuum bags, and the quality requirements are also very high, especially the requirements for materials are more stringent, so it is necessary to see the materials when purchasing the compression bags.

 working principle:
  The air inside the quilt clothing is taken away (like the pressure sponge will shrink), so that the volume is reduced, and the originally expanded quilt and the like are crushed by the atmospheric pressure to isolate the outside air, thereby saving space and achieving dustproof and anti-defense. Mildew, moisture-proof, and insect-proof. But although it is a vacuum compression bag, it is not absolutely vacuum. Nowadays, the product is usually vacuum cleaner or manual air pump to remove the air inside the bag. It is now a new member of the storage family. The vacuum compression bag has the functions of moisture proof, mildew proof, anti-mite, anti-odor, etc. The air in the compression bag and the clothes quilt is removed by the air suction tool, thereby reducing the volume and increasing the storage space effect!
 The main functions are:
  1, save space, because it is vacuum compression, the original expansion of the air to remove the air, the volume becomes smaller, a simple analogy, is equivalent to the hand to crush the sponge.

  2, will not mold, insects, damp. This is achieved because it is isolated from the outside air. Traveling around, it is convenient to carry clothes and bedding.

 3: Pumping with a vacuum cleaner or vacuum pump is easy and convenient to operate!
  4: It can prevent fleas, mold, moisture, bad smell, etc., and keep clothes clean.
  5: After the clothes are compressed, the storage space is increased.

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