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Tips: Be careful not to be touched by children to preve […]

Tips: Be careful not to be touched by children to prevent them from being swallowed or getting into your eyes. Newspaper anti-mildew law Generally, old newspapers are available in homes, and the old newspapers are very absorbent, so you can roll up old newspapers and place them in the corner of the room where it is difficult to ventilate, or spread newspapers on the bottom of the closet to absorb moisture and mildew. The ink taste can also repel insects.

Tips: The ink is toxic. Pay attention not to let the newspaper directly contact the clothes, so as not to stain the clothes. Air conditioning dehumidification method When the humidity outside the house is high, pay close attention to the doors and windows to prevent moisture from entering the house, and then turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner for indoor dehumidification. Tips: The sun just comes out after the heavy rain. Do not rush to open the window, because it is the time when the humidity is the heaviest. Opening the door and opening the window can easily let water vapor enter the home.

It is best to wait until the air is dry, and then open the door and window to ventilate. Small reminders of moisture-proof home appliances Large appliances should be placed in a ventilated place as much as possible. The washing machine should be placed on an elevated position, not in the bathroom, to prevent bacteria from infecting the body through clothing after breeding in a humid environment. When the humidity is heavy, the home appliance can be put into a standby state, and the parts in the working state of the machine will emit a certain amount of heat, which will help to dispel the moisture in the machine and prevent the short circuit of the appliance. The bathroom is moisture-proof. Turn on the exhaust fan. When opening, close the bathroom door to keep the floor as dry as possible.

Detergent is also a good dehumidifier. Poke a few holes in the detergent bag and place it in the corner where it needs to be dehumidified. Detergent can be used to wash clothes after it is full of water and cakes, without waste. Keep food away from moisture. Sausage, ham and other meat marinated foods can be dipped in a little vegetable oil with cotton swabs and spread evenly on the surface, then hang it in a well-ventilated place to prevent mildew; shiitake mushrooms should be stored in sealed containers, such as the surface Slightly mildew, you can brush and bake it, do not wash it; put a little kelp in the rice, it can kill the pests and inhibit the mildew. Moisture-proof medicine can be stored in fresh-keeping bags at home. Some medicines can also be stored in covered glass bottles or sealed plastic boxes, or some safe desiccants can be added. For Chinese medicinal materials, if there is a large amount of medicinal materials, it can be stored in a sealed box. If the amount is small and the medicinal materials are more general, it can be stored in a refrigerator. Encapsulated or wrapped in moisture-proof paper and placed in the bottom of the rice cylinder.

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