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You may have started to do some spring cleaning, but th […]

You may have started to do some spring cleaning, but there are some common daily cleaning is neglected - we have already mentioned is usually forgotten those blinds and lampshades. Let spring cleaning started! But now it is time to consider your plush duvet replaced with low yet?

People here often seemed to fall into two categories - fully aware of the weight duvets and fillings of people, and those who know nothing about. For people who do not know, here is the purchase and replacement of the basics down. It all depends on their ability to capture the hot air - down is filled with natural (e.g. goose or duck feathers) than synthetic fillers (e.g., polyester) having a better thermal performance.

Like all things, as both have advantages and disadvantages - natural fillers last longer, and due to its lightweight feel and is considered more comfortable. Synthetic filler cheaper and machine washable - natural filler should be professional cleaning, because they need to be thoroughly dried. Hair rating indicates the degree of warm duvets - the higher the hair, the more warm duvet. As a general guide winter, most people will require weighing between 12-13.5 tons, in autumn / spring, usually between 7 to 10.5 tons of weight is enough, the summer is between 3-4.5 tonnes.

So now it's time to replace your lower plush duvet, but how you deal with outdated duvets? As a long time without the use of bulky items, many people put them in the attic or a large cabinet, which means that space can be a problem. When space is limited, vacuum storage bag is located duvet ideal solution. Large-scale and large have a "vacuum storage jumper / blanket chest reduction" function. Simply vacuum cleaner hose into the valve to remove the air bag, and the bag was observed to reduce the volume up to 60%. A big box there is a vacuum bag can accommodate pullovers, pillows, blankets, duvets, bed linen and / or T-shirt. Boxes can be stacked, thus saving a great storage solution space!

They can not be used duvets or duvet, but for these types of duvets, you can buy a double and king-size "breathable duvet storage bag." End of the new design has a zipper, may duvet / pillow like easily be placed into the bag.

There is a strong side handle, can be vertical or horizontal storage storage bag. The air bags is perfect for those luxury feather / down comforters and pillows. A satisfied customer said:

"For product quality and design, it is very good value for money. It can comfortably accommodate a bulky 12.5Tog duvet and two pillows. Initially I went to the Argos website, but for comment airtight storage bags will prevent anyone from purchasing. excellent delivery time. "


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