Advantages of vacuum bags


1. Save space Because it is vacuum compression, the ori […]

1. Save space
Because it is vacuum compression, the original expansion of the goods to remove the air in the middle, the volume will become smaller, a simple metaphor, is equivalent to the use of the hand to flatten the sponge.
2. No mold, raw insects, moisture
This effect can be achieved because it is isolated from the outside air. Traveling,
Easy to carry clothing, bedding.
Collection form editing
Small (45 x 70cm 40x 60cm 50 x 70cm): Can put 6 to 8 sweaters, down jackets, cotton clothing, etc.;
Medium (70 x 90cm 56 x 80cm 65 x 95cm 60 x 80cm): 10-15 pieces of clothing or pillows, thin quilts, bed linen, etc.;
Large (70 x 100cm 80 x 100cm 100 x 70cm): You can put a pair of 1.8 x 2 m double quilts (6-8 kg or so), or a dozen sweaters or down jackets;
Extra large (100 x 110cm 90 x 130cm 90 x 110cm): you can put two 1.5 x 2 m quilts or thicklarge quilts (about 8-10 kg), or thin quilts 2-3;
Hanging style (105 x 70cm 135 x 70cm): You can hang five coats, suits, etc. After storage hanging in the wardrobe;
Stereoscopic (60 x 80 x 20cm 80 x 100 x 20cm): with base, more convenient placement, can put about 15 pieces of clothing plus two bed thin quilts;
Hand (sitting) pressure type (60 x 60 x 15): no pumping tool, the clothing cotton is placed, hand pressure or sit pressure exhaust, storage capacity reference medium compression bag;
Roll-pressure (40 x 60 45 x 70 50 x 35cm): no pumping tools, clothing placed in the rear hand roll bag to drain the air inside the bag, suitable for travel and travel to carry clothing;
Box compression bag (110 x 100 x 25cm 80 x 100 x 25cm): the storage box and three-dimensional vacuum compression bag into one, more convenient placement;
Editing with precautions
Clothing, bedding, etc. should be fully dried before placing them in a collection bag. Do not put insect repellent, preservatives and clothing in the bag at the same time, so as not to cause the collection of items discoloration, deterioration and so on.
Clothing, bedding and other items should be placed in the bag as far as possible, at least a few cm from the seal zipper. Large items do not force into, to avoid breaking the mouth of the bag. Please use the appropriate size of the compression bag.
The zippered part of the compressed bag, if often bent will deform and reduce the sealing performance, so please save the bag. Sealzip zipper part, such as small fibers, dust into, will reduce the sealing performance, the solution is: wipe clean with a water-stained cloth and then close the zipper.
Sometimes there will be no air pumping in the bag, this situation may be you take off the compressed bag air mouth transparent air plug, such as take out the air plug will be out of the air situation, the customer should put the air plug back in, before the air can be drawn out.
The vacuum cleaner please wash the garbage before use, so as not to affect the absorption efficiency, suction, the hand pat the surface of the compression bag, the suction can play an auxiliary role.
After the pumping, use the slip repeatedly pullback back and forth in the seal to ensure the sealing.
Items to be stored should be clean, dry and non-perishable, and do not put food in bags.
The zippered part of the compressed bag, such as frequent twisting causes deformation, reduces the performance of the seal.
The compression and response rate of clothing quilts will vary depending on the material, please rest assured that the bag will be used.
After the empty bag if the phenomenon of bulging, in addition to the seal is not strict, on the one hand, the bag of cotton quilts and other things will also release gas, will also reduce the vacuum; The vacuum effect will also decrease gradually.
The vacuum cleaner should be removed before use, so as not to increase the burden of the vacuum cleaner, affecting the suction effect. If the item has buttons, zippers and other hard objects, please fold it into the inside of the garment, so as not to puncture the film caused leakage. Do not fold the zipper to prevent leakage caused by the deformation of the zipper, please keep the appliance out of the reach of infants and children.
Avoid heat, fire, and do not use needles, nails and other hard objects in direct contact with the compression bag, so as not to damage the bag. Do not put food, animals, etc. in bags. Do not close the bag near the heat source, fire and other places, also do not use nails, needles and other hard things in direct contact with the compression bag, so as not to damage the bag.

Hand roll vacuum compression bag

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