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After the raw materials enter the extruder, after exter […]

After the raw materials enter the extruder, after external heating at 190-250 ° C and the mutual shearing of the screw and barrel, the materials are extruded quantitatively and under constant pressure after almost all plasticization is completed. After the film head is formed, the molten film enters the cooling water. After cooling, the film was cut into germ filaments by a blade. The filaments are stretched in a higher temperature oven until flat filaments are formed. The flat yarn is then heat-set on a hot roll, pre-shrinked at a low traction speed, processed by a cold roll at a low temperature, and finally wound and formed by a disk differential tension winding system. The main technical indicators of production

The technical indicators of flat wire production technology are mainly divided into four categories:  1. It is a physical and chemical modification index, mainly including blending modification, mixing ratio, functional additive addition ratio, and waste recycling material mixing ratio; 2. It is a physical property rheological index, mainly including draft ratio, inflation ratio, draft ratio, and retraction ratio; 3. It is a mechanical performance indicator, mainly including tensile breaking force, relative tensile breaking force, elongation at break, Speed, linear density deviation; 4, is the tolerance size index, mainly flat wire thickness, flat wire width and so on.

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