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Increased storage space - using space bags Your box is […]

Increased storage space - using space bags
Your box is used to store the adequacy or can do more things? Now, you can try using space bags will increase 3-4 times the storage space. They are very convenient and spacious storage space that can accommodate a large number of household items. Space Bag really for space-constrained room.
Always need to expand the closet space, this is the Space Bag is very convenient place. The storage bag may be designed storage capacity of about four times the storage space of the other criteria. They have vacuum sealing system, meet a variety of storage needs.
Space Bag is fully waterproof to prevent your belongings from water damage. Sturdy bags can be reused many times. They are 12 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall, weighing 3.5 pounds. Color-coded vacuum seal, and absolutely airtight.
In most cases, users will find these big-ticket items stored in these bags are very convenient. It can easily store items including sweaters, pillows, blankets and jackets. Other heavy objects, including seasonal clothing, also may be placed in these bags. A Spacey Bag is not only easier to store than normal trash, but also to ensure that they are properly maintained.
Space Bag storage area can be either bagged seven Starter Kit, it can also be a Premium Package. These bags have pockets zone and linen closet, your weight and can be neatly stored. The entire "space bag" package includes bags of different sizes, that is a giant cube, other medium-sized bag. However, the former two sizes are available only in advanced packaging. Therefore, this bag is really to solve all storage problems that may exist in the family of solutions.
Customer expressed satisfaction Spacey Bag. This is one of its users must assertion: "I'm glad I got these bags, they work as expected and I have a lot of seasonal clothing, and now I can easily store it without having it occupied. too much space. it is great and can be used normally. All my blankets, sweaters are stored correctly, did not take up too much space, but you'll need a vacuum cleaner hose as well as those accessories. "


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