Vacuum-sealed bags saved the lives of my clothes closet


Vacuum-sealed bags of clothes is my best friend. They m […]

Vacuum-sealed bags of clothes is my best friend. They make this spring cleaning a breeze!

Last year, we had an atypical winter here in Houston. This year is actually cold. And feeling my family in New York every year different experience, it is not "cool", but for us it was very cold. Maybe you want to know and vacuum-sealed bags of clothes have anything to do. continue reading. You'll soon discover!

We snow. This year is actually 2. Such people see the legend of the powdery substance fall from the sky, will panic. They think they need to drive and brake at the last moment sooner. On two false assumptions.

When we go out in the "cold" 30-degree weather, as we have tied up like Eskimos. We like lasagna pan as stratification. We began last year dug up all wearing only a month of winter clothes, so that we can wear these clothes in the winter months. I definitely want to use as a vacuum-sealed bag of clothes when I drew these items.

We do not know how to deal with cold. We know that. we accept. We like it.

This cold-proof clothes can cause memory problems in the rest of the year. Bulky winter clothing. You can put all the clothes folded neatly as possible, due to the filler entrained air, they still take up a lot of space. Did you begin to understand how vacuum-sealed bags of clothes to adapt to this situation?

I have used large plastic storage bins to store stuff this family winter. It clothes in one central location, but it is still very bulky, taking up a lot of space.

After the Space Bag see on TV, I decided to give it a try. These vacuum-sealed bags of clothes are cheap, and well received by many.

My initial need for vacuum-sealed bag of clothes, but they have a lot of good uses, such as extra bedding and pillows storage.

Of course, I had to ask myself: Space Bag is really useful?

I doubt it. How many times have amazing special effects News TV you read? My favorite is a special mop, it can be erased half of the cheese burger, condiments and everything. These vacuum-sealed bags of clothes you can really cut the mustard?

In fact, I was very surprised by how "space bag" advertising effect. You open the bag. The folded garment inside. Which was sealed, and then using a pipette using any vacuum sucking air out. Look! You have a vacuum-sealed bag for the laundry, the bags can be neatly organized, stacked, and the contents may be viewed through the transparent plastic.

All the air out of the vacuum and the contents pressed into manageable packages. Space Bag reduced by about 75%. I found these vacuum-sealed bags of clothes can also be used for bedding and pillows. So, I now have extra space for actual storage, instead of being eaten clothes and bedding.

In the winter, I'll be replaced in the summer of winter equipment. The vacuum-sealed bags clothes very clever. The simplest ideas always seem the greatest invention. This is one of them.

There are other versions made vacuum tight clothing and bags. One way I see is to use heavy-duty garbage bags. And ways to use it in the same manner using spatial bags, but the opening of the trash bag wrapped around the vacuum hose, and the air intake. After the air discharge, you must be sealed with a few rubber bands, in order to keep the opening closed.

I did a side by side comparison, this is the result of my findings. Two bags are reduced to a size almost identical. Garbage bag sealed with a rubber band is difficult. I had some trouble, because the first attempt leak.

Bags seem to have fitted very well. I thought I might find a cheaper alternative to bags of space. I'm wrong. Morning, garbage bags suck some gas in the air, it seems that the entire contents had returned to normal size. I need a vacuum-sealed bag used to store clothes actually sealed.

If you deal with garbage bags very carefully, you can use this option. However, when I vacuum-sealed bags of clothing, I only hope that they can be stacked in the attic without fear fragments or pinhole on the plastic catch up the ladder.

I've read, you can also use zip lock storage bags oversized garbage bags to do the method. Space Bag price is almost the same price zippers lock, so I do not understand trying to make sense of zip lock execution is not intended to do. Space Bag is properly sealed, no bounce off a finger with a broken rubber band, and they have easy-to-use vacuum port.

When the need to move, in a vacuum-sealed bag Another application of the clothes is appeared. We can all clothes and children's clothing apparel in the last move the box with only a small portion of the inside. Since we moved about once a year since, "space bag" has become a necessity, with a top boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

Be careful! ! A vacuum-sealed bag mounted box looks bulky clothing. You can easily fill more things in each box, so you may need to tape these boxes doubled.

I prefer a box with a tape recording, rather than four or five boxes of recordings.

Undoubtedly, the bag space is the best choice for storage of vacuum-sealed bag of laundry.

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