How to choose a travel vacuum bag?


Travel vacuum bags are available in four models: small, […]

Travel vacuum bags are available in four models: small, medium, large and extra large. Choose the size of vacuum storage bag according to the application. In general, small storage bags can hold 6-8 pieces of sweaters, cotton jackets, down jackets, etc., medium storage bags can hold 10-15 pieces of clothing or pillows, thin quilts and bed sheets; large storage bags can hold a degree of 6 -8 kg of 1.8 * 2m double quilt, or more than a dozen sweaters, several down jackets; extra large can hold two 1.5 * 2 m quilts or one 8-10 kg quilt.
According to the type of use, the vacuum storage bag is divided into hanging known type, three-dimensional type, hand pressure type, roll pressure type and box type compression bag. Hanging type is used for storage of clothes hanging in the wardrobe. It can hang five coats. The three-dimensional type has a base, which is more convenient to place. It can hold 15 pieces of clothing and two thin quilts. It is exhausted by hand pressure method; the roll-press type also does not require an air extraction tool, and the hand-rolled storage bag exhausts the air, which is suitable for the storage of travel-carrying clothes; the box-type compression bag is a two-in-one product of a three-dimensional type and a storage box.
The common vacuum storage bags on the market are composed of two materials. One is PA + PE, which is polymerized by nylon + plastic. The vacuum storage bag of this material is softer, low temperature resistant and more durable; the other is PET + PE, which is polymerized by polyester polyester + plastic, is easily broken at low temperature and is not suitable for use in severe cold areas. Everyone should pay attention to comparison and identification when buying.

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