How to use the hand-rolled vacuum compression bag correctly?


1. Before putting the clothing quilt into the compressi […]

1. Before putting the clothing quilt into the compression bag, dry the clothing quilt first, then fold it into a shape convenient for storage, and put it in the bag as much as possible, at least a few centimeters from the sealing zipper.
2. Before closing the zipper, check whether the sealing part of the zipper is clean and whether there are fine fibers or dust (fine fibers or dust may reduce the tightness of the compression bag), causing air leakage in the compression bag. clean.
3. Install the slide, press the slide zipper with your hand, slowly and gently pull to the other end of the zipper, press the slide with your hand to slide back and forth several times on the zipper, to ensure that the zipper is truly sealed.
4. The air is discharged by rolling, slowly rolled up and squeezed from the zipper end of the compression bag by hand, and the air is discharged from the bag.
5. Repeat several times until the air is exhausted, then level the bag again.
6. Open the closed zipper and take out the clothing quilt to dry, then it can be restored to its original state.

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