How to prevent bubbles from appearing when the aluminum foil bag is dry laminated? (2)


1. In daily operation, take care of the tooling, and pa […]

1. In daily operation, take care of the tooling, and pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the tooling. Clean the tooling in time before driving and before and after stopping each time. Use a clean soft cotton cloth impregnated with a small amount of solvent to wipe off the adhesive. Adhesives or other dirt on the surface of cloth rollers and rubber rollers can prevent these adhesives from drying out and affecting the uniformity of the glue, thereby reducing the incidence of bubbles. In addition, the coating roller should be repeatedly brushed with a brush or copper brush to remove the remaining adhesive as much as possible to avoid clogging the cells, affecting the amount of glue and uniformity of glue.
When storing the coating rollers, coating rubber rollers and composite rubber rollers, they should be placed on a special support, and they must never be placed directly on the ground to prevent damage to the quality of the aluminum foil bag. In addition, check whether each roller is damaged frequently, and replace or repair it in time if damage is found.
2. The ambient temperature and humidity in the printing workshop should be kept relatively constant, and air conditioning or dehumidification (humidification) devices can be installed if possible. At the same time, attention should be paid to maintaining the environmental sanitation in the warehouse and workshop, and having good ventilation conditions, so as to avoid impurities such as dust and sand particles from adversely affecting the composite process and the quality of the aluminum foil bag.

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