How to prevent bubbles from appearing when the aluminum foil bag is dry laminated? (1)


During dry compounding, there are many reasons for bubb […]

During dry compounding, there are many reasons for bubbles in aluminum foil bags, such as film and ink. Printing process, adhesives, composite process, laminating machine tooling, and workshop environment are all "culprits". Therefore, composite bubbles have become a major problem. So, can certain measures be taken to prevent the appearance of bubbles?
Measures to prevent bubbles in aluminum foil bags
1. Strengthen the inspection of various raw and auxiliary materials (including films, inks, adhesives, various solvents, etc.), strictly control the quality, reduce the probability of aluminum foil bag bubbles and other failures from the source, and increase the aluminum foil Bag quality.
2. In actual production, suitable printing inks and composite adhesives should be selected according to different printing processes, film types and characteristics, performance and requirements of packaging contents, and subsequent processing conditions, etc., and according to specific conditions The production situation adjusts and controls the printing and composite process parameters to ensure the quality of aluminum foil bags.

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