What are the precautions for nylon vacuum bag making operations? (2)


1. After the temperature reaches the normal set value, […]

1. After the temperature reaches the normal set value, turn on the machine and compare with the sample bag to check the quality indicators of the product (sealing position size, sealing knife width, sealing strength, punching position, tearing position, cutting position, whether there are messy flowers and Burr, wire drawing, flatness, foreign matter, opening, etc.) and adjust it, after the quality inspection is passed or the user confirms, the machine will start up and run at the process speed, and check whether the product is abnormal at any time. Overspeed is strictly prohibited, pay close attention to the quality and product The overall quality (including printing, compounding, and cutting quality), promptly find the problem and deal with it, mark the problematic products and stack them separately, and report to the workshop director or team leader and quality inspector for confirmation.
2. Checking the packaging bag requires that the product name is consistent with the specifications on the process sheet, the number of the package must be accurate, and a certificate of conformity is added, and the inspection form on duty is filled out truthfully.
3. During the shutdown process such as feeding, cleaning, etc., place a paper pad between the heat sealing knife and the film to avoid melting the film.
4. During the production process, check whether the heating temperature is normal and the cooling is normal. The sealing strength must be checked every 500-1000.
5. Do not collide with the electric heater connector, stop when cleaning and replacing the heat sealing knife, wear gloves to ensure safe operation.
6. Handover must be recorded, the equipment abnormalities should be carefully checked, and the site sanitation and equipment sanitation should be actively cleaned.
7. If the production is in a single shift, you must check it in detail after get off work, clean the equipment and the site, and shut down the electricity, steam, water, doors, and windows.
8. Give full play to the teamwork spirit, the crew should cooperate closely, follow all instructions of the workshop director or captain, complete all tasks assigned by the production center on time, and cooperate with other departments.

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