What are the precautions for nylon vacuum bag making operations? (1)


1. Nylon vacuum bag making must first obtain the produc […]

1. Nylon vacuum bag making must first obtain the production process sheet and samples and conduct mutual inspection of the semi-finished composite film to be produced.
2. Check whether the transmission parts, safety devices and heating system cooling system can work normally, and notify the workshop director or equipment support officer if there is any problem.
3. Install the heat sealing knife according to the vacuum bag production process sheet and samples, and check the heat sealing knife for damage and attachment of impurities. The surface is required to be clean, clean, smooth and smooth.
4. The heat-sealing knife must be installed with heat-resistant resin cloth. Note that the resin cloth should be pasted evenly. Handle gently when installing to prevent bruising. If the cutter needs to be replaced, more care should be taken to prevent bumps and injuries to the human body.
5. Clean the bottom plate and silicone plate. If the silicone plate is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Clean the guide rollers (can be wiped with solvent). It is strictly prohibited to clean the knife holder during operation to prevent equipment damage and burns to the hands.
6. Check whether the temperature control instruments are normal, and set the temperature, pressure and cylinder pressure of each heating position according to the production process.
7. Adjust the position of the heat sealing knife according to the sample of the compound vacuum bag, and wear the film according to the schematic of the film.
8. Use manual feeding to determine the tracking position of the electric eye and carry out low-speed debugging. The cutter position, punching position, upper and lower film overlapping position, left and right position, and sealing size position are adjusted normally.

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