What are the common types of flexible packaging bags? (2)


1. Four sides sealing bag The four-side sealing bag is […]

1. Four sides sealing bag
The four-side sealing bag is usually made by the top, two sides and bottom sealing of two (roll) materials. Compared with the bag mentioned before, it is possible to use two different plastic resin materials if they can be bonded to each other. If it is, it is made into a four-side sealing bag glued on the front. The four-side sealing bag can be made into various shapes, such as heart-shaped or oval.
2. Zipper bag
On the three-side sealing bag and the main body bag, a bag with easy opening zipper is installed.
3. Three-dimensional bag
There are many types of three-dimensional bags, mainly including the following types:
①Standing bag with bottomed boat shape.
②Folded bottom integrated three-dimensional bag.
③The oblique knife heat seals the three-dimensional bag.
④Three-dimensional bag with bottle-shaped knife mold.
⑤ The three-dimensional bag with spout is divided into three-dimensional bag with oblique mouth and three-dimensional bag with roof cover.
⑥ Air pressure upright bag.
4. Shaped bags
Fruit-shaped and cartoon-shaped bags.
5. Bag with hand hole
The hole shape is triangle, butterfly shape, airplane shape, round hole, semicircle, waist drum shape and so on.

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