How to use vacuum compression bags?


1. First, quilts, duvets, and down jackets should be co […]

1. First, quilts, duvets, and down jackets should be compressed, washed, and folded.
2. Put the quilt, duvet, and down jacket into the vacuum compressed bag.
3. Use a slide to seal the seal. It should be noted here that the hand pump should not be used to seal the entire seal, leaving a mouth (or only half of the seal), and then try to find a way to keep the air inside Extrusion, you can also sit on it by hand pressure, after extruding the air, use the slide to slide back and forth a few more times to ensure that the seal is tight and does not leak.
4. Remove the lid on the vacuum compression bag and put it away.
5. Unscrew the valve under the cover and loosen it 1-2 turns, but do not unscrew it. The red gasket inside is to prevent air leakage, and to prevent backflow of air when pumping (must not remove the hand pump pumping ).
6. Align the valve port with the hand pump to ensure that the pump port is close to the valve port. When pumping, the swing amplitude should not be too large, usually about 3-6 minutes.
7. After a few minutes, the effect will come out, and the bag will be attached to the quilt, duvet, and down jacket.
8. Then tighten the valve under the cover clockwise.
9. Close the lid and complete the compression.
10. It is also very simple to take it out, just pull the seal open.

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