What should I pay attention to when using vacuum storage bags?


1. Before putting the clothing bedding in a vacuum bag, […]

1. Before putting the clothing bedding in a vacuum bag, it should be dried outside, of course, it is best to put wet clothing.
2. Store as few down products as possible, because there are always some hard feather tubes in the down products. When sucked into a vacuum and compressed, these hard stalks will be as sharp as the nails, they drill out of their clothes
It is very likely that the vacuum storage bag will be damaged.
3. The vacuum bag should be kept away from heat sources, fire and other places during storage. At the same time, hard objects such as nails and needles should not be directly contacted with the vacuum bag to avoid damage to the compression bag.
4. If there are tiny fibers and dust in the entrance sealing part of the vacuum bag, it will reduce the sealing performance: If it is often bent, it will be deformed and reduce the sealing performance. When necessary, keep the inlet sealing part as flat as possible.
5. This is also the most important thing. After buying the vacuum bag, you must go home and try it out immediately to see if it is inflated or leaked on the third day.

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