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Vacuum packaging for the article is placed, and has a h […]

Vacuum packaging for the article is placed, and has a highly airtight plastic bag or aluminum foil package closure, it can be isolated from a gas, liquid, and is highly resistant to sunlight entering toughness. Normally required to work with vacuum packaging machine. The main principle is to seal the gas in the container out of the packaging, so that the air bag to reduce microorganisms can not survive, in order to prevent oxidation activity and rotting food. Effectively maintain the freshness and product life continuation height.

Why vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging is an effective method of extending the shelf life of the product, to protect it from external factors. As the air and oxygen in the air isolated, absorbing microorganisms can not survive, you can not damage the food. Although not 100% totally isolated from bacteria, but can be vacuum-packed indeed many extended shelf life, it is now largely promote the use of vacuum packaging food storage bag. Sealed packaging is also very suitable for many non-food products. It comprises a relatively large number of valuable products: such as cushions, banknotes, electrical components, jewelry and watches. The applicable product and more than that, in fact, can any vacuum-packed you can think of.

Vacuum-packed World Health basis of three criteria:

1. The vacuum packaging can be sealed liquid, semi-liquid, solid particulate, flowers, chemicals, medicine precious, paper, electronic components, small air, corrosion, moisture, mildew, oxidation, because oxygen itself does not make the product oxidative discoloration.

2. Vacuum packing of fruits and vegetables may be extended evaporation time, prompting increased product shelf life.

3. moat less packaging volume, convenient storage, the additional benefit of isolated external dust and the like.

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