Circular woven cloth Process Description


First warp yarn drawn out from the spindles of each row […]

First warp yarn drawn out from the spindles of each row of warp creel, the creel porcelain holes - a first long vertical plates - pressure line stick - send path
Guide stick - wire stick - a second elongated vertical plates - wire stick - Magnetic hole - the tension rod - brown silk - round button - given via a ring - Reserved
Burkina. The weft bobbin loaded library, start the machine after the shuttle under the impetus of the shuttle pushing means circular motion, driven by a tight fit in the warp yarn supply means and the shuttle system, flat woven fabric into a cylindrical type. The braid is pulled upward traction means at the top of the loom, after the guide roller passes,
After being wound by the winding device creels, when the wound roll diameter up to about 1.2 m, for discharging volume, sending the next process.

Plastic circular woven cloth production process criteria

① woven weave density and density tolerance
  Refers to the braid density braid 100mm × 100mm, the number of warp and weft. At the same time the national standards set forth in the weave density, density specified tolerances. Weave density depends packaging products, determined by the user. Commonly used density woven root 36 × 36 / 10cm, 40 × 40 root / 10cm, 48 × 48 root / 10cm.

② weave density tolerance
  Tolerance refers to a braiding density than the density of a given standard knitting or reduce the number of multiple flat yarn.

③ woven tensile load.
  Tensile load, also known as tensile strength, tensile strength woven cloth subjected to a tensile load in the warp and weft directions, so that the warp and weft woven cloth

④ tensile load mass per unit area
  The weight per unit area is woven grammage number represented, is woven an important technical indicators. Grammage number depends on the thickness of the flat yarn and thread count, weave affect the number of grammage the tensile strength of the cloth, load capacity, number grammage is a major component of the company control costs.

⑤ width.
Various woven bag width directly affects the process. Cloth folded over the barrel width expressed, folded by half of a circumference equal. Retraction width, the width of the knitted fabric after weaving all wound, cut unrolling , printing, stapling, the width of the bag must be made slightly smaller than the width of the wound, we call retracted width

⑥ feel.
  PP Flat Yarn knit feel more solid, very wide, stiff more; HDPE flat yarn knit feel soft, smooth, dense. In PP Flat Yarn added calcium compound masterbatch, feel very wide, a small increase in PP HDPE will make it more flexible.
   Biansi narrow, flat woven, soft, flat width, when folded woven filament more rough feel.


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