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Thorough cleaning Moisture mold the foundation, is to w […]

Thorough cleaning
Moisture mold the foundation, is to wash clothes, especially the collar, cuffs, pocket and other parts, if the cleaning was not thorough enough, it will become a paradise for bacteria, leading to mildew, long-haired.

Some people are used to readily pass through one or two of clothes into the closet, that the clothes anyway, do not look dirty, no cleaning. In fact, most such clothes easy to mold, and the remnants of grease, perspiration easily long mites, so to deal with mildew, first scouring the job done, thorough cleaning. Washed laundry dryer drying may be used, or electric fan, to blow a blow dryer, then hung up to dry.

Storage skillful
In clothes closet, not the whole stack in the stack there, preferably a member hang up, so breathable clothes, it is not easy to mold; sticking agent is preferably suspended about 10 cm above the laundry, so that the effective volatile components in order to fully achieve the best results. Meanwhile, the rainy season, should be as little as possible to open the closet door, so as not to strong moisture absorption fabric moldy cotton, hemp, silk, wool, fine weather, then pay close attention to the closet door open, so that clothes "healthy breathing."
Wardrobe moisture Raiders: different doorway different clothes
Cotton clothing
Hydroscopic cotton clothes, waterproof cloth can be sealed nylon or the like which is stored in the closet, and put a small amount of desiccant; or put into a vacuum storage bag, evacuated and then pump out the air bag, so that both moisture, but also saves space.

Leather products fur coat and wearer fear moisture in storage, in particular after the skin plate which water, perishable, easily broken, easy to hair loss, will also influence the lightest skin plate hardening. Therefore, once wet fur clothing, to promptly wiped with a dry piece of cloth, and then placed in dry air to dry clothing with a soft brush to brush along fluff, so that you can restore the original appearance of fur clothing. Remember that we do not use or roasted with hot iron in order to avoid skin panels shrink, harden, and even cracking.

Wool cashmere
Pure wool, cashmere clothing materials, the best every week to get a wind blowing on the balcony, careful to put the cool air, not directly into the sun exposure.

Deal with wet shoes, you are reading a newspaper is the most convenient. Stuffing newspaper in his shoes, one can suck the moisture, and secondly to keep the shoes without distortion. This approach also applies to small confined space, such as in a closet or the bottom of the shoe, the inside of the closet door covered with newspaper, not only can absorb moisture, smell the ink on the paper can be de-worming.

Big wet remedy: How to save "problem garments" dehumidification
Found signs of damp clothes, the clothes out immediately and hung in well ventilated areas to prevent further moisture from the clothes closet; the family has dryer, can be dry or with electric fans, hair dryer . The dry cleaner may be washed, dried, prevent further moisture mildew.

Get rid of musty
The rainy season, the washing is not easy to dry, it will produce an unpleasant musty. You can wash clothes in a small amount of vinegar plus milk and water again, you can get rid of the musty.

Get rid of mildew
Cotton clothes: Available few green sprouts, repeatedly rubbing where there is visible mold, then rinse with water, mildew will get rid of. If the clothes or bed sheets have yellow marks, you can apply some milk, put it under the sun for hours, wash it again.

Woolen clothes: first clothes drying in the sun for several hours, after drying, mildew with a brush gently brush. If it is the grease, perspiration caused by mold, you can use a soft brush or cotton dipped in a little gasoline, wipe repeatedly scrub where there is mildew can be easily removed.

Leather clothes: first with a towel, sprinkle some soapy water to clean it repeatedly, then sprinkle with water to wipe clean.

Cotton, woolen clothes in class after local treatment, remember again full of washing, so as to fully rescue clothing.

Moisture small weapon: a small mind plays a large role in practical proof items
Charcoal, charcoal package: charcoal or charcoal are hygroscopic effect, you can go to the store to buy some carbon package in the closet or kitchen cupboard, used after sun drying also can be used repeatedly.

Moisture boxes absorbent package: cabinets can be placed, absorbent desiccant wardrobe, even shoe piano. Moisture boxes absorbent bag acting mainly calcium chloride or water-absorbent resin, the content thereof may directly affect the amount of water absorption points, so attention must be indicated on the packaging or calcium chloride content of the resin absorbent purchase, may absorbent ml min, a space suitable size.

Cabinets: There are number of sub-size, the laundry stored in Cabinets, as long as the lid cover, substantially without being "mold" disturbed, the disadvantage is squeezed wrinkle clothes.

Coffee grounds and tea: coffee grounds both deodorant double effect absorption, into gauze bags, stockings or socks, a small dehumidifier is easy to use package. In addition, tea is a good helper in addition to the influx of odor can buy some cheap dried tea, such as green tea, rice paper into a bag or wrapped in a newspaper, on every corner of the wardrobe.
Family moisture small way
Lime to absorb moisture Act
This is one of the most conventional methods absorbent, absorbent lime well, 1 kg of lime can adsorb moisture in air to about 0.3 kg. After the available good cloth or paper wrapper placed around the room, indoor air dry.

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