Main process indicators for production of plastic coated cloth


The coating process index is mainly temperature, pressu […]

The coating process index is mainly temperature, pressure, thickness control, coating peel strength, etc., and also includes the width of the flash. V. Brief description of the process of bag making of plastic woven bags
The woven bag making process is the last process of woven, including: printing, cutting, sewing, packing, etc.
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(1) Printed graphics
  The embossing printing is mainly letterpress printing, printing graphic position tolerance, printing graphic clarity, printing graphic color
Color, etc., is not clearly defined in the national standards for plastic products, and some standards only require clear printing. Therefore, the woven and woven enterprises should formulate corporate printing standards according to user requirements. When developing corporate standards, consider your own printing equipment
Type, printing ink type, printing ability, etc.
2) Sewing process
The stitching strength index is the most important and most important index of bag making. In the plastic woven bag GB/T8946 and the composite plastic woven bag GB/T8947 national standard, the tensile load of the seam edge and the bottom of the seam is clearly defined. The main factors affecting the stitching strength are the type and type of suture, the size of the stitch, the stitching, the size of the crimped or folded seam to the edge of the bag, the hot cut and the cold cut. For laminating cold cutting bags, hemming is generally used, because the seams of cold cut edges may tear out plastic woven bags, composite plastic woven bags, container bags, and cement bags from the warp yarns together with the weft yarns. Not all are caused by the bag making process. However, the bag making process is the last process and the last step in quality control.
  Ordinary woven bag making process indicators are mainly the external tolerance size, the breaking force of the seam bottom or the seam edge, the clarity of the printing ink and the cleanliness of other parts after printing, the positional accuracy of the layout, the stitching stitch, the needle Distance, and requirements for sutures, needle breaks, etc.
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