VIP advantages of the process


Because products like doing some advantages, first used […]

Because products like doing some advantages, first used in aerospace and other fields with special VIP process, then slowly applied to civilian products demanding.
VIP technology applications
1) Industrial boat - the hull, deck, rudder, radar shield 2) Wind Energy - blade, cabin cover 3) sports and leisure - helmet, windsurfing
4) automobile industry - all kinds of roof, wind deflector, cars
5) the construction sector - the top part of buildings, building templates 6) agriculture and horticulture - granary dome, agricultural protection cover
4.1.1 Resin
When the test is ready to begin vacuum infusion, we must first choose the appropriate resin, an epoxy resin or an unsaturated polyester resin. A resin vacuum infusion process, can not be replaced with an ordinary resin, its viscosity, gel time, peak exotherm, wettability and other special requirements, the specific resin may consult the supplier.
4.1.2 curing system
If an epoxy resin, a curing agent which is to use a dedicated corresponding; unsaturated resin curing agent used is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. Different manufacturers quality is not the same, the selection of its evaluation, not because of a small amount of material affect the quality of the whole product.
4.1.3 reinforcing material
Reinforcing materials commonly used are glass fibers and carbon fibers. Seam felt like composite, single cloth, particularly to
According to the design mechanics. The selection of the best Do experiment, how the penetration, because the fibers in the manufacturing process chosen wetting agent, wetting the adhesive on the different resins will be different, resulting in the mechanical properties of the final product will be very different.
4.1.4 Sandwich materials
Balsa wood is commonly used, PVC foam, PUR / PIR foam core strongly felt. Selected based on the needs of the article with a suitable fill material.
4.1.5 equipment, auxiliary
A vacuum pump, interfaces, pressure gauges, draft tube, releasing the cloth, the cloth guide, the vacuum bag and the like.

With the material for the vacuum infusion process is not used to be able to casually use, each material must be experimentally confirmed, this judgment is not applicable. Here is not elaborated, discussed in a future article as the topic.

The polypropylene powder, calcium carbonate, various additives with good activation by a certain percentage, according to the order of high poured into stirring machine, was stirred into a certain time control the speed of the hopper, the feed screw conveyor, so that the material enters the barrel from the feed opening, the barrel and screw of the plasticizing melt, continuous and stable extrusion strand, strand shape by cooling water tank, through moisture absorption fan, fancooling, pelletizing the strands into the granulator, screened by vibrating screen, by the conveying blower delivered into the fluidized bed fluidized drying Process, then into feed tank, and then put on the feeder by the pool material supply vessel suction port, after the pellets have passed the test, prepackaged complete the entire production process.

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